First-Ring Suburbs

We work in first ring suburbs surrounding Philadelphia to enhance existing resources and opportunities, as well as to address the challenges that they face.  Depending upon many factors, a first-ring suburb may present strong appeal, or many worries, to a potential homeowner or developer.

Many post-war suburbs contain houses that don’t have the modern amenities people desire today and are lacking the charm found in the older developed towns and boroughs. The issues these communities face include increasingly vacant and obsolete commercial strips, an aging population, declining home values, obsolete housing stock, and deferred home maintenance.  A lack of public transit or variety of housing stock are also concerns that Right-Sized Homes is interested in addressing.

However, Right-Sized Homes is also aware of the many advantageous aspects of many first-ring suburbs, which range from existing public transportation networks; including both heavy and light rail trains; local, walkable shopping districts; mature parks; and abundant landscaping. Many of Philadelphia’s surrounding boroughs, Jenkintown, Narberth, Swarthmore, Doylestown and Ambler, to name a few, are increasingly mirroring older urban neighborhoods. With an emphasis on walkability and sidewalks, and new possibilities for affordable housing due a range of diverse housing stock, the first-ring suburbs provide accessible neighborhoods. An accessible first-ring suburb neighborhood attracts a roving generation who desires a more urban, and urbane, neighborhood, but with more suburban style homes, more public school options, and avoiding the hectic life of the dense city center.