Neighborhood Marketing

Marketing a neighborhood is key to effective outreach to carrying out a neighborhood plan. Neighborhood marketing identifies target markets, addresses appropriate outreach, and defines an image that accurately represents neighborhood opportunities to attract residents, business owners, institutions and developers.

Market analysis on a neighborhood-wide level allows a community to effectively market themselves in the right direction. This approach includes analyzing the current use of buildings and open spaces, the interaction of the community with their existing neighborhood resources, and identifying a neighborhood’s obstacles to overcome and their strongest assets and opportunities for development.

After identifying the best target markets for development and funding opportunities, outreach to local non-profit organizations, institutions, businesses and developers matches the appropriate stakeholders to a neighborhood’s needs. Right-Sized Places works with these stakeholders to create a Neighborhood Image that accurately represents the interests of the community to encourage investment consistent with the neighborhood’s long term plan. Neighborhood imaging includes highlighting gateways, public spaces, regular public events, and open spaces which create smarter, sustainable neighborhoods.