Commercial Corridor Revitalization

Right-Sized Places recognizes the importance of commercial corridors in neighborhoods. They serve as the arteries of local businesses, community resources, and throughways. This is why commercial corridors deserve as much attention as the neighborhoods they serve in order for neighborhood sustainability to be successful and full-circle.

The health of commercial corridors depends on the range of businesses and services offered, the connectivity of these corridors to their respective neighborhoods and beyond, the relevance of commercial offerings and the neighborhood’s demand, a diversity of commercial spaces and business types, and a balance of available community resources. A healthy commercial corridor engages the local neighborhood and attracts visitors, providing for both a community’s necessities and desires.

Right-Sized Places assesses and analyzes the needs and potentials for existing commercial corridors, based on existing conditions and expressed community input. Through these market analyses, Right-Sized Places then matches the appropriate programs and project funding to the defined project. Property analysis, on an individual or multiple-property scale, can enlighten opportunities for adaptive reuse, mixed-use, and a diversity of real estate offerings.

We work to both maintain existing local businesses and attract larger retailers or stakeholders where appropriate, as determined through the context of the neighborhood. Neighborhoods are eligible for a number of opportunities including facade improvement, storefront design, street beautification, and marketing strategies. From start to finish, Right-Sized Places can facilitate the process of project planning, application, sourcing of funds, implementation, and project management.