Implementing Neighborhood Plans

Whether Right-Sized Places creates a sustainable Neighborhood Plan from scratch or a neighborhood already has a redevelopment or revitalization plan in place, proper and effective implementation is key to success. Even a beautifully written study with photos and graphics, professionally bound to present to potential funders, will not be effective without an implementation strategy. The Right-Sized approach to implementation identifies specific projects to undertake and a process for deciding which projects to undertake when.  Right-Sized Places, along with Right-Sized Homes, takes your neighborhood plan to implementation on the neighborhood-wide and property-specific scales.

Most neighborhoods in Philadelphia – all the homes look alike.  But they have street trees and they have character. – Ed Bacon

The Right-Sized Approach uses tools for measuring the effectiveness of developments, and for analyzing what adjustments to the implementation should be made at each stage of neighborhood revitalization.  These tools include looking inward to the neighborhood, benchmarking against other neighborhoods, and evaluating in the context of the regional market.

Right-Sized Places identifies key initial and tipping point projects, helps the stakeholders determine the sequence for undertaking projects, analyzes which projects should be developed by local non-profit organizations and where to recruit private developers. Right-Sized Homes is available to manage all the details of developing specific projects, to further assist clients who do not have in-house development capacity.

There’s a sociability people are looking for in a city.  The houses are close together.  You can talk and socialize from your stoops on the sidewalk and watch your children play together with the neighbor’s children. – Ed Bacon