Property Sales and Marketing

Market Analysis

Market analysis is an essential part selling the property for the best price. By identifying competing products and the most likely target markets for the project, Right-Sized Homes will aid in comparing the competition, thus determining fair pricing and marketing strategy. We then will identify attributes, and issues to overcome, in selling your specific project and location.

Marketing Strategy

Right-Sized Homes will develop a specific marketing strategy for each target population and identify marketing channels and partners. Once analysis is preformed on existing and new target markets for the project, the best strategy is identified and then put into use.


Sales is an integral part of the project process and one that Right-Sized Homes is willing to work with from beginning to end, representing the client from the initial point of listing the property through to closing. We will negotiate with the buyer or buyer agents on behalf of the seller and coordinate steps towards the closing of sale, all as a licensed Realtor at Coldwell Banker Welker Real Estate.