Home Repair Programs

Older neighborhoods have a chronic problem of deferred maintenance, especially among long-term, elderly homeowners, who are often trying to live on limited income. While their long-term homeownership brings stability to the neighborhood, their inability to keep their homes in good repair is a de-stabilizing factor, impacting surrounding home values and the appearance of the neighborhood.  Modest investment to help these homeowners maintain their property can be the tipping point in stabilizing a neighborhood, and attracting new, younger families to invest in local homes and businesses to maintain the viability of a neighborhood for generations to come.

We bring our experience with the design and implementation of various home repair programs, from small critical home repair grant programs through whole house rehabilitation.  We will evaluate available and potential funding sources, the amount and methods of homeowner contribution, and the scope of work for a proposed home repair program, to design and manage these programs specifically suited for each neighborhood’s housing stock and residency.