Property Development

Since 2007, Right-Sized Homes has applied the experience gained over the past  25 years working for private and not-for-profit developers to undertaking direct property development.  As a privately held company, Right-Sized Homes has rehabilitated individual single-family houses throughout Philadelphia, in established middle-income neighborhoods and in emerging neighborhoods.

The projects to date have mainly been rehabilitation for resale, but Right-Sized Homes is building a portfolio of rental projects focusing on rehab in existing emerging neighborhoods.  Right-Sized Homes invites investors to join us as partners in these projects.

With thirty years of experience Right-Sized Homes has a lot to offer its clients- from strong working relationships with contractors and City and state agencies to a working knowledge and understanding of local codes and requirements for zoning and building approvals

Right-Sized Homes has the tools to perform each step of the Property Development process thoroughly and competently, by identifying specific projects for the sponsor to develop, and to enlist private developers to carry out.  We tailor our work to this process to each client’s needs, including:

  • Initial project feasibility and design
  • Site identification and acquisition
  • Neighborhood outreach and team building
  • Permit review and approval
  • Issuing RFPs
  • Pre-qualification
  • Contractor selection
  • Project management
  • Sales and marketing

Right-Sized Homes also helps existing homeowners with their properties through home repair programs.