Project Management

Right-Sized Homes works with developers at all stages of their projects, from identifying sites or buildings, though schematic design, gaining permits and other approvals, community outreach and feedback, construction documentation and bidding and marketing at completion. The process and goals of For-Profit and Not-For-Profit developers are necessarily different, and Right-Sized Homes is experienced at working with the specific needs of both types of development.

Not-For-Profit Development

The pre-development stages of non-profit developments are often much more complex than with private, for-profit developments, involving more stages, approvals and stakeholders.  There is also a much larger communication function, and a need for transparency and inclusion at all stages.  In addition to the design and construction related services Right-Sized Homes provides, we are skilled at assisting non-profits through the funding process, and the additional submissions that are needed by public, private and foundation sources of financing.

Unlike private developers, many non-profits only undertake construction projects on an occasional basis, and do not have in-house staff with real estate development experience.  Right-Sized Homes provides these services more efficiently and effectively, working as-needed and when-needed to see a project through to completion, often over the course of multiple years.  We stay with the project through construction, and will assist with marketing the project once it is complete.

For-Profit Development

 We understand the early site selection and project analysis necessary to determine if a project is feasible, and the need for confidentiality at this sensitive stage of the developer’s decision-making process.  Once a project has initial internal approval, we can provide services for property acquisition and project approvals, including private and public acquisition, planning, zoning, and building permitting, and documentation in support of financing applications.

Depending on the scale of the project, we can provide architectural services through construction documentation in-house, or provide assistance on larger developments to identify the right match of architectural firm for the specific project.