Given the nature of where we apply the Right-Sized mentality, what we do to promote smart, sustainable neighborhoods requires two methods of approach.

Right-Sized Homes builds and promotes properties which utilize smart design and existing infrastructure. High quality materials, energy efficiency, and material reuse and conservation are all factors of these smarter, sustainable homes. Where possible, reuse is favored over new construction, as the most sustainable building is the one that already exists. We work hard to fit into the context of the existing neighborhoods, and make sure our properties remain adaptable for future generations. Right-Sized Homes is specialized in direct property development for resale or rental, project management, property analysis and acquisition, and marketing. We are equipped with the tools for acquisition, design, construction, and marketing from start to finish. Right-Sized Homes also works with existing homeowners and potential homebuyers to craft the right-sized home of their dreams.

Right-Sized Places offers our expertise to community organizations, municipalities and developers to analyze existing neighborhood conditions and needs, and to work together on programs and projects that build upon neighborhood strengths and opportunities to stabilize and improve communities. Our work supports neighborhood plans, and assists in the implementation of neighborhood-based strategies and sustainable new development.