Neighborhood Marketing

Right-Sized Homes works with Market Knowledge, combining real estate and marketing expertise to devise detailed marketing strategies specific to each neighborhood and to target markets of likely buyers and renters, using Market Knowledge’s proved eight-point analysis and marketing tools, providing detailed written marketing strategy with custom designed marketing materials.

Market Analysis

Internal markets will be analyzed, starting with survey of existing housing products, recent sales, available housing stock, and demographics of existing residents. External markets with be explored, first by identifying likely profiles of new residents, identifying existing neighborhood assets that would attract those residents, detailing existing negatives in the neighborhood that have to be addressed with suggestions to improve or compensate for them, and reporting on specific locations where the target populations exist currently.

Benchmarking community strategies

Examples of how similar communities have appealed to similar target populations will be presented to the client and other marketing partners.   Examples of successful strategies with sample populations and in disparate settings will be presented, along with applicable lessons from these examples.  This will provide a sampling of marketing options, and successfully proven methods that can be adapted to each specific neighborhood and target market segment.

Community outreach for neighborhood revitalization

Partners to implement revitalization strategies will be identified, and steps defined for engaging them in the neighborhood vision.  Their roles and influences will be charted, and meetings will be conducted, including focus group information sessions and working sessions to identify community partner roles and action steps.  Key targets for inclusion will be those who influence or control infrastructure maintenance and improvement and those who own or could redevelop real estate in the neighborhood.

Identification of target markets and development needs

A critical step in revitalizing the housing market and community in a neighborhood is identifying who would move to the neighborhood and what types of housing would attract them to the neighborhood.  These might be existing residents, nearby residents, or new groups to the neighborhood who live outside the immediate region.  Demographic profiles will be analyzed across many factors including age, family, ethnicity, economic and employment types, and detailed descriptions will be presented of the most likely groups that would locate in the neighborhood.  Detailed information on where these groups live now, and what their housing needs are will also be presented in detail.  Most likely existing housing and potential new development to attract these groups will be recommended.

Neighborhood Marketing Strategies

Specific marketing strategies and marketing materials will be presented for each target market that was identified and described.  We will work with the community to design graphics to establish the neighborhood’s identity for the marketing materials.  Marketing channels and partnerships will be recommended, with marketing timetables, budgets and placement strategies.

Identification of key proposed projects

Successful revitalization of a neighborhood often requires early projects in key locations that are visible and transmit, in built form, the vision of the community.  We will identify key sites for rehabilitation or new construction, and describe the proposed projects for each site that would be attractive to the target residents