Neighborhood Involvement

The”Right-Sized” approach prioritizes the needs and concerns of the neighborhood as a guiding strategy toward neighborhood sustainability. Sensitivity to existing neighborhoods and thoughtful intervention are included in the guiding philosophy of each of our projects. We take into account neighborhood context as we define the role of our individual homes and projects we work on as well. Our projects are capable of adapting over time, ensuring neighborhood stability through flexibility.

Right-Sized Homes helps maintain neighborhood stability by working to fill in gaps and reverse blight from neighborhoods that are at risk of decline. In doing so, we value community input and help assess the needs and potential opportunities for sustainable neighborhoods. Sustainable neighborhoods facilitate earth-friendly lifestyles, and possess amenities such as public transportation, infrastructure of existing public utilities, and walkable routes to stores, schools and parks. These are neighborhoods where neighbors know and care for each other. Right-Sized Homes helps maintain and improve quality of life through thoughtful intervention to maintain and promote this sustainability, on both the neighborhood scale and the individual home scale.