How the “Right-Sized” name works defines sustainability through our practice, from the level of materials chosen for green building projects all the way to neighborhood sustainability and sensitivity.

Our homes exhibit efficient use of space for their occupants, and also minimize their impact on the environment through energy efficiency and building green. Green building is achieved through materials used, methods of construction and local sourcing of materials, and above all, reusing existing structures. Right-Sized Homes works closely with clients, and strives in our own development projects, to maximize tight building envelopes, take advantage of solar orientation, use new technologies and products for energy efficiency in appliances and fixtures, uses renewable, recycled and recyclable building materials, and practices storm water management to build sustainable buildings.

On the neighborhood level, we make use of and enhance existing infrastructure. Parks, open space, transportation infrastructure, commercial corridors, neighborhood context and cohesiveness, connectivity, walkability, and stability are all within the scope of planning for the greater community’s needs.